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‘Retreat’ program

The word retreat is an international designation of outdoor events and practices devoted to the personal growth.

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Conception and uniqueness of the format

‘Retreat’ conception is a focus on the human nature when each person is considered to be the Personality with it’s dignity, imagination, talents, prospective to find them and revitalize, realize all the unique qualities of the person.

Emotional challenges and slings and arrows of life can sometimes hinder the finding of yourself and the self-actuating. Maybe the stop before this challenge is the way to choose the right way at the moment and it’s time to change your life dramatically.

‘Retreat’ has a club format of the attendance: not more than 8 persons could be present at one time. Private and secured area, high standards of privacy, respect to the privacy of the guest — all this gives an opportunity to pass the program with the highest comfort.

All those who want to drastically change their lives for the best can become the participants of the program, as well as to get the personal stability, zest for life, fill it with joy and pleasure, become a successful architect of your destiny, get rid of different problems and addictions (chemical dependency, anaclisis, excessive gambling, food addiction, co-dependence, etc.), find the new raison d’etre and ways of realization of your goals, restart or build new relations with other people, yourself and the world.

It is the unique format — we combined the most recommended methods in world for rebirth and personal transformation with the most recent studies of psychologists, coaches, rehabilitation specialists, doctors and other experts in the field of rebirth and personal development.

There is no universal program for many months in ‘retreat’. It is developed according to client’s personality, problems, wishes and requests.

‘Retreat’ is really both a unique approach and time filled with interesting and inspiring events.

The goal and objectives of the ‘Retreat’ program.

The goal of the ‘Retreat’ program is to build human personality which is able to have a reasonable life at the new level of consciousness, effectiveness and comfort: the person not only returns for life, but also turns into the main and active actor in his new doom and developing of his own potential.

Objectives, achieved with the program ‘Retreat’

  • Estimation of personality, evaluation of biography and family history, uncovering of the acute issues and pervasive problems, regular problems, difficult situations in the life of the client.
  • Psychological education — lectures and workshops about the nature and basic principles of functioning of human’s mind, his development, emotions, intelligence, building stable relations, effective actions for achieving his goals, reaching his potential and organizing his life.
  • Personality change and rebirth — intensive work with psychologists of the center in the format of individual counseling. It could also be in a group in order to achieve a careful change of the skills, mindsets, habits and particularities of the guest so that there would be created conditions for the new life, behavior, development, interests.
  • Promotion of the interest to a new lifestyle — development of the new interest to the interaction with people, conscious choice of life in a healthy social environment, development of the skills of constructive and enriching communication, achievement of emotional sustainability in contacts with other people, search for new goals and objectives, ways of realizing your desires, achievement of joy and pleasure.
  • Recovery of the family — overcoming and checkup of an inappropriate and inefficient behavior, laying the groundwork for implementing some healthy ways of supporting each other in a family, building the value system, which would enhance the potential and vitality of family members.

The following methods of diagnostics are used with ‘Retreat’

-structural interview

-case follow-up

-test administration


-projective tests and techniques



Content of the ‘Retreat’ program

The ‘Retreat’ program is designed for the consecutive passing of three courses or one or two of them:

1 course ‘Abolition’ combines the experience of the Minnesotan model of working with addictions and the unique solutions of the ‘Retreat’, including the customized approach to the participant of the program. Such type of adaptation takes into account timely and most advanced aspects of work with different problems (I.e. not only chemical dependency, excessive gambling, food addiction, but also anaclisis, loving addiction, work addiction, dependence on achievements, evaluations, etc). — regular insensibility, taste blindness, loss of life goals, problems into relations, difficulties with achieving a sustainable self-discipline, deep problems of self-appraisal, etc. Modern, effective psychological, socio-correctional techniques of working with clients are used in the course. (45 days)

2 course ‘Rebirth’ includes an intensive individual psychological work aimed for the strengthening of the guest’s personality, gaining some new skills, achieving an individual stability, abolition of psychological problems and orientation on the new lifestyle. In this course the participants of the program obtain self-reliance and new experience of believing in their own positive particularities, understanding of their nature, skills of the appropriate ecological communication and interaction with other people. (30 days)

3 course ‘Your life’ — it is an intensive workshop of the new lifestyle which includes the events that help the guest to gain new raison d’etre and life goals, try some new principles of interaction with people, find new sources of pleasure and the joy of life: trainings, coaching, psychological approaches, external practices, courses of the development of the creative potential, courses of the development of the rational thinking and of the emotional intelligence, etc. (from 30 days)

The process of passing the whole ‘Retreat’ program is worked out at the average for three months. The guests could be recommended to pass the whole program or one of it’s parts, starting from 2 or 3 course after the diacrisis and with medical reasons (of psychologists, doctors, etc).

  ‘Retreat’ club

After passing the Program the guests become the members of the private club system ‘Retreat’ where they will get counseling and other support (counseling, remote work with a ‘private’ psychologist — most possible with one under whose control was passed the program, private distribution of documents, discounts for the events of the club, etc).

Methods of working:

-gestalt therapy


-cognitive behavioral therapy

-transactional analysis

-drama therapy and guided affective imagery

-body-oriented psychotherapy

-dynamic group therapy


-personal coaching

-art therapy and sand therapy

-yoga practices

-unconventional methods of correction (working with biopower, etc.) are available on request


-individual mental therapy

-group therapy


-daily physical exercises

-external recovery practices

-spa and wellness procedures (massages, sauna, bath, etc).

-psychological approaches

-meditation and expiratory wellness regiment

-excursions (sightseeing, natural reserves, spiritual centers, communication with animals,etc).

-tour to canyons, to mountains, Via Ferrata, picnics, Skypark AJ Hackett, sea voyage, etc.

-therapeutic horse riding



Participating into ‘Retreat program’ will cost 300 000 Roubles per month (basic package). According to requests of participants they could be proposed to choose packages with additional options and conditions of comfort (clinical diacrisis, individual nutrition, additional doctor’s advice, etc).

Geography and location

‘Retreat’ is located in the unique natural site of Russia -Sochi, in the resort village Krasnaya Polyana. Country complex ‘Retreat’ is built in a ‘chalet’ style and is located at the boundary of the Caucasus natural reserve (it is included into the list of natural monuments under the protection of UNESCO) and Sochi national park.

The place itself is balmy and invites to a peaceful and relaxed stay. Purest air, picturesque mountain view, rapid rivers and waterfalls, clean balmy water, fragrance of the southern flowering herbs in summer, snowy cusps in winter-the nature created all the conditions for rebirth.

At this time ‘Retreat’ which is located a bit far away from major highways and crowds of people, combines the opportunities for secluded stay and advantages of the access to the up-to-the-date infrastructure of Krasnaya Polyana: MBUZ City hospital 8 and clinic which were build for XXII Olympic Games, post office, hotels and shopping facilities, public transport stops — all this is available in 5 minutes by car. About 15 minutes by car are needed to reach the ski center ( resorts ‘Rosa Khutor’, ‘Gazprom’, ‘Gorky Gorod’, ‘Alpica service’, hotels, cable ways, aqua parks, cinemas, etc).


The cottage for guests in a chalet style, 4 floors(3floors and a ground floor), with a total area of about 1000 km2 with panoramic views of Caucasus mountains in quiet, peaceful place with a private fenced territory.

First floor

-spacious living room, conference table, sofa room with the multimedia center and chimney where public meetings, group meetings and trainings take place.

-cooking place with the fully equipped kitchen, table, sofas and armchairs for a tea party.

-office for an individual psychological work

-spa and wellness room with a swimming pool with several jacuzzi regiments, sauna, sling-chairs, tables, armchairs, bar, aquarium

-open terrace and the terrace with a floor-to-ceiling glazing and comfortable furniture where you can relax at different seasons

-bathroom with a shower

Second floor

-4 bedrooms with high level of comfort for guests, with an individual bathroom in each room

-cinema with comfortable sofas and armchairs where you can watch movies and listen to lectures

-2 general purpose areas with sofas and floor-to-ceiling windows

-ironing room

Third floor

-Poolroom and equipped gym with floor-to-ceiling windows at Caucasus mountains

-lounge area with the fridge, table, wash-basin


Ground floor

-garage, laundry and the room for drying, housekeeping area

The cottage for the employees in a chalet style, 2 floors

-staff lounge (the room for conferences of psychologists, doctors, coaches)

-kitchen and dining room

-bedrooms of the employees

Surrounding area

-smart garden with planting of greenery (grass, bushes, trees, firs)


-the complex of buildings is situated on the hill and surrounded with picturesque mountains, Caucasus reserve and Sochi national park


-Manager of the program — 1 employee

-psychologists — 4 employees (people with a psychological background and who passed some career broadening programs — addictions, family psychology, working with psychological traumas, with psychosomatic medicine, etc.)

-psychiatrist-drug-therapist — 1 employee (arrives on request of the staff)

-chemical dependency advisor — 2 employees

-nurse — 1 employee

-cook — 1 employee

-driver — 1 employee

-housekeeper — 1 employee

-etc (including the outsourcing staff — coaches, yoga instructors, external practices specialists, famous invited psychological experts, experts at the problems of addictions, etc).

Some regular events of the ‘Retreat’

Lectures — the lesson when the participants get the whole information about the problem (addiction, psychological traumas, inefficient value systems, habits, thinking paradigm and cooperation patterns, etc.) and it’s particularity. Consultants and psychologists read the lectures.

Individual psychotherapy (psychologist’s advises) — private session with a psychologist. It is in the form of dialogue and one of the most important basic events. In the framework of the individual counselling the participant of the program analyzes his life experience, learns how to overcome heavy emotions in the right manner, overlooks inefficient convictions and works out new that would help to learn how to control one’s healthy needs, be open to one’s relatives and protect one’s psychological boundaries, take care of one’s emotional state.

Training — it is a therapeutic session when the participants practice certain behavioral skills, learn how to communicate with people in new situations, learn certain behavioral patterns and strategies, which let them get rid of addictive or inefficient behavior.

Small morning and evening dynamic group — one of the main events, which takes place with the involvement of one or several psychologists. During the sessions the participants communicate to each other and with the specialists, summarize the day or pose a challenge for the next day, tell about their difficulties, success, achievements, feelings.

Writing tasks made by the Program participants contribute the development of new skills, help to understand their feelings, reduce and consequently ret rid of the habit to relieve anxiety with different inefficient ways, of incorrect solution of the problems, appears an ambition to change the life.

Unscheduled individual counselling is the work with the current critical state. It is organized on the request of the participant or at the discretion of the psychologist in case of the heavy emotional state. The counselling is aimed to solve some urgent current issues that appear during the changes. Psychoemotional correction is made, level of tension is reduced, work with psychosomatic conditions is organized, there is a help in the solution of conflicts.

Scheduled family session is a family psychotherapeutic event. The participants are relatives, the participant of the program, psychologist. It is organized in the end of each ‘Retreat’ course in order to analyze the current process of passing the program. Each stages is summarized, the dynamic of changes, emerging challenges and ways of solution are discussed, the participants and coaches set the objectives for the next stage or course. It is a unique opportunity to define possible in constructive positions of family members. The participants learn to express emotions more efficiently and to build relations.

Warm-up activities with meditation is a special way of starting the day for the Program participants. Special techniques let the participants to have the state of easy relaxation, to reduce the responsiveness of mind and to ease an excessive tension in muscles. The main goal of the event is to learn how both to relax and stay focused with a clear mind.